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Hey guys! I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently!

Things are going so hot right now, thanks to our Package B! A perfect combination of Snailwhite cream as your daily moisturizer, and KISS whitening collagen cream mask as your whitening Sleeping mask!

Here is Naomi Liu, she is our Singapore FHM model and also partakes in many modelling shows and events.
She has gotten hold of Package B and from her review, she ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!

She has also offered her readers some incentives! Order from us here and quote (NAOMI) to receive $3 off your total bill!

Check out her blog for more details (and LOTS of pictures!)



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KISS whitening collagen cream mask Chemical Test results ! Mercury, steroids, chemical free!

Hello everyone!

We have recently received from our manufacturer the certification for Chemical testing for KISS whitening collagen cream mask.


I am sure alot of people here are concern as to whether our product contain any artificial whitening agents, or the dangerous mercury!

Rest assure now! Our test results have proven that we are 100% natural, free from all mercury, chemical compounds and steroids!

Now hurry! With all your doubts cleared, make full use of the christmas package deals ! 

To let our customers rest assure, we also provide FREE registered shipping, so your items will NEVER get lost!


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Katty Tan, local blogger with fair, snow-white skin shares her secret!

December has been a real eventful month for us!

Time flies and here we are, approaching the mid-month! Amongst the busy holiday shopping, we have yet another great news to share with everyone!

Check it out! Katty Tan, a local blogger, and also a JEEP clothesline model, known for her snow-white skin, has recently shared her secret to having fair skin, and how we KISS Skincare Singapore holds the key to that secret!

Check out her entry here! She carries some great deals too!

Katty Tan shares her secret to fair skin!

Katty Tan shares her secret to fair skin!


Have Snailwhite & KISS? Here’s how to use them together for MAXIMUM results !

Have Snailwhite & KISS? Here’s how to use them together for MAXIMUM results !

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Quote “Backatreality” to get your KISS at $5 OFF!

Hello everyone!

It’s the 1st Monday of December and we have something very exciting!
Shanice Ang (backatreality) , local popular blogger has something to say about KISS whitening collagen cream mask ! We are featured on her post and according to her, She is soooo satisfied with KISS to find out that the results OVERNIGHT was fabulous!

Find out more details at her website here! :

As a special, we have something for her loyal fans and readers as well! KISS is original retailed at $58 and now just order at and quote “backatreality” for $5 off !

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Update: New Customer Reviews added!

This has been a happy October for us. To share the joy we have updated more customer reviews/testimonials sent to us, or posted on their Instagram/Facebook accounts.

Thank you all pretties!

You can view all the testimonials/reviews by our customers here:


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