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KISSES are on PonyOnHighStreet!!

What a month !

Following Yutakis review about us and his fabulous artwork and galaxy theme, just freshly out – Donna Goh! Owner of blogPonyOnHighStreet

She has also recently added us in her review and is now featured !

According to Donna, she loves KISS for the primary reason that we take great care not only in the effectiveness of the cream, but also in the design of the bottle!

Featuring a hygiene vacuum pump,  as a dispenser, we ensure that our cream stays fresh and thus no need for preservatives! You use only what you require!


Having said so, check out her blog here: and see for yourself what else Donna has to say about our cream!

Quote “Donna” at the discount code section when you check out to grab what she offers to her readers! A $3 off the total bill! GRAB IT NOW!


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KISS of beauty by Lian MeiTing – Local popular blogger!

Hey Guys! Starting the year 2014 with an awesome review!  Lian MeiTing , a local blogger, nuffnang’s november top blogger, also a SQ stewardess. She has got herself a bottle of KISS whitening collagen cream mask and already fallen in love with it! KISS whitening collagen’s key points are the concentrated collagen supplement, and 100% natural without any trace of chemicals. We are Singapore’s authorized distributor for KISS Skincare, 100% authentic and worry-free. Beware of imitations girls! Your face is precious! Don’t take chances just because it sounds cheaper! As the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, it often isn’t ! Lian MeiTing has reviewed KISS Whitening Collagen in much details, with many pretty pictures to show! Check out her review here at

Quote “Lian MeiTing” when you order and get $3 off !

Quote “Lian MeiTing” when you order and get $3 off !


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KISS whitening collagen cream mask Chemical Test results ! Mercury, steroids, chemical free!

Hello everyone!

We have recently received from our manufacturer the certification for Chemical testing for KISS whitening collagen cream mask.


I am sure alot of people here are concern as to whether our product contain any artificial whitening agents, or the dangerous mercury!

Rest assure now! Our test results have proven that we are 100% natural, free from all mercury, chemical compounds and steroids!

Now hurry! With all your doubts cleared, make full use of the christmas package deals ! 

To let our customers rest assure, we also provide FREE registered shipping, so your items will NEVER get lost!


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Katty Tan, local blogger with fair, snow-white skin shares her secret!

December has been a real eventful month for us!

Time flies and here we are, approaching the mid-month! Amongst the busy holiday shopping, we have yet another great news to share with everyone!

Check it out! Katty Tan, a local blogger, and also a JEEP clothesline model, known for her snow-white skin, has recently shared her secret to having fair skin, and how we KISS Skincare Singapore holds the key to that secret!

Check out her entry here! She carries some great deals too!

Katty Tan shares her secret to fair skin!

Katty Tan shares her secret to fair skin!


Have Snailwhite & KISS? Here’s how to use them together for MAXIMUM results !

Have Snailwhite & KISS? Here’s how to use them together for MAXIMUM results !

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4 simple steps to beautiful glowing skin!

Heyylo everyone, we have been receiving quite a bit of queries on what would be the best way to use KISS whitening collagen cream mask.
Well girls, we have a whole section dedicated to just that! Just visit !!

Nevertheless, it’s real simple, just 4 simple steps! HERE GOES : !

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Update: New Customer Reviews added!

This has been a happy October for us. To share the joy we have updated more customer reviews/testimonials sent to us, or posted on their Instagram/Facebook accounts.

Thank you all pretties!

You can view all the testimonials/reviews by our customers here:


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